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Website For My Business was specifically created for small business owners like you. We made it easy to create and update your website, because we know your time is valuable. 

Create a free trial website for your business quickly and easily in just minutes using our amazing website builder to see how easy it is for yourself.

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Create a free two week trial website with no credit card required, and when you're ready you can sign up for only $8.99 per month or save by subscribing for only $84.99 per year which works out to $7.08 per month.

What Is It?

An easy to use solution for quickly setting up and maintaining a website for your business. Website For My Business includes hosting, and the ability to update your own website easily whenever you want.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to build an amazing website for their business or organization. You do not need any technical or artistic skills!




Why use it?

We make it as easy as clicking a button. There is no easier online website builder for setting up a website for your business. We provide video tutorials, give you amazing tools for changing the content on your website, including colors, images and text.

Read below for a detailed list of features!

Customize Your Colors

We make it super easy to change the colors on your website.

Using our innovative color scheme system, you can choose from any of the built in color schemes or create your own.

We make it easy - choose your main color and we'll offer you suggestions for your accent colors. You can take our suggestions, or pick your own accent colors.

In minutes you can have a website that has colors that match your logo or brand colors, or any colors you want!

Choose Your Favorite Design

Choose your favorite design or layout, and change your mind at any time. We add new designs often, so you can always take a look at new designs and change your mind in the future.





Video Tutorials

Video tutorials guide you through the process of creating your website. This makes our easy system even easier.

Click here to watch our orientation video which is the first video you'll see when you create your website.


Register A Domain

By default, you get a free website address included with your subscription to Website For My Business

However, you may want to choose your own unique domain name (such as and we make this easy.


All you have to do is use our three step domain registration process:

  • Check if a domain name you want is available
  • Fill in some domain registration details (your name, address, contact details, etc.)
  • Subscribe to a yearly fee of $19.99 for your domain
  • We do everything else, including hooking up the domain to your website and all the technical details.

Email Forwarding

With email forwarding you can have a new business email address without the hassle of having to set up a new email account and checking it frequently.

We make it easy by forwarding your new business email address to an existing email address that you already have.


Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Maps


We make it easy to link to a Facebook page for your business. Simply tell us the URL to your Facebook page in your website settings, and then on any page you want you can click the "Show Facebook button" option to add a "Find Us On Facebook" button to your page.

Also, we add a Facebook "Like" link to each page by default, allowing your customers to "Like" your website on Facebook easily.

Google Analytics

We make it easy to use Google Analytics to track your customers' visits.

Simply copy your Google Analytics account ID into your website settings and all your pages will be tracked to your Google Analytics account.

Google Maps

Fill in your location information on your Contact Us page and we'll automatically show a Google Map image with your business location. Easy!


Just tell us your Twitter username in your website settings and you can show a Twitter feed on any of your pages.

Create Your Website In Minutes

You've read about our features, now it's time to try it out yourself!

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